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Ohio State Administrative Committee Rules for Xcel Competitions


2017 Eastern, Western, and JO Nationals Bid Brief Information is available on the USA Gymnastics Web Site at https://usagym.org/pages/home/pages/forms.html?prog=w#womens under bid forms. In addition, Attached the 2017 Bid Brief for JO Nationals and East/West Championships and the Intent to Bid Form.

The JO Event bid process has two steps:

  1. Complete the Intent to Bid Form, scan and return to Annie Heffernon AND Jordan Dillon – aheffernon@usagym.org and jdillon@usagym.org. This form is due Friday, October 23, 2014.
  2. Upon receipt of the Intent to Bid Form, we will send the Bid Book which outlines the requirements in detail. Final bids are due December 1, 2015. Send final bids electronically to Annie Heffernon and Jordan Dillon –aheffernon@usagym.org and jdillon@usagym.org. Fax final bids to USA Gymnastics, Attn: Annie Heffernon at 317-237-5069. Mail final bids to USA Gymnastics, Attn: Annie Heffernon, 132 E. Washington Street, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN. 46204.

2017 Women's JO Nationals Bid Brief
2017 Women's Level 9 East West Bid Brief
Intent to Bid Form

Here is the final schedule for the Ohio Technique Clinic & State Congress to be held at The Elite Gymnastics Academy. We are excited to have Mary Lee Tracy and Luminita Garcy as our master clinicians and lecture presenters. They are going to share drills, philosophy and ideas on how to develop gymnasts. Their knowledge of gymnastics is incredible and we are happy that they are willing to share their expertise with Ohio coaches and gymnasts. Although the clinic for the gymnasts is closed we still have a few spots available for coaches to attend the lectures. The best part is Ohio USA Gymnastics is picking up the tab for the coaches so its FREE.
Email Sue Kane if you are interested in attending. sukane@hotmail.com

Regional Meets Locations and Dates:
Level 9/10 - April 8-10 Bourbanaise, IL
Level 8 - April 15-17 Lexington, KY
Level 7 - May 6-8 Shelby Charter Township, MI
Xcel - May 13-15 Bowling Green, OH

State Clinic Information and Registration Flier

2015-2016 Ohio USA Gymnastics Competitive Schedule
Judges selection process 2015-2016

Greetings to all of our Region 5 Judges! Hope the summer is going well and we will see many of you at National Congress in Indianapolis in August!

ALL judges will need to complete the Professional Involvement Form (PIF) by September 1, 2015.

After the Region 5 Administrative Committee Meeting on June 25, 2015, we have approved a new tool to assist with the judges selection process. This application applies only to the LEVEL 10 judges. You are now required to complete the New Application to be considered to Judge Region 5 Level 8, 9 and 10 Regionals.

Both application forms listed above can be found under the "Judges" tab at the top of the Region 5 web site. Additionally, these will be available on your State’s websites very soon.

Also, it is now required that a judge must have done a minimum of one day as a judging volunteer in a leadership position at any of our Region 5 Training Camps to be eligible to judge Level 8, 9 and 10 Regionals. Many of you have been doing this for many years and your volunteer work is appreciated and valued by our Region. The deadline is August 1, 2015 for all of our camps to be assigned as a technical assistant on an event with or without an ipad or to be assigned to lead judging rotations. You can use this link (Judge Volunteer Form for Region 5 Camps) to indicate your availability for the camps.

We look forward to your continued involvement and leadership in Region 5 !!

Char Christensen, Region 5 RTCC

JO Compulsory Updates

Posted: 01 Jul 2015 10:36 AM PDT
The following updated files have been posted:

* Compulsory errata
* JO Compulsory book-revised pages 73, 180 & 181
* Compulsory Q&A (reformatted)

You can view them by visiting the Admin Rules section of the Region 5 website (http://region5.com/administration/rules/).

State Meet dates for the 2015-2016 season are:

Level 6-10: March 18-20 @ Ralph Infante Fitness Center in Niles, Ohio.
Level 2-5: April 1-3 @ Ralph Infante Fitness Center in Niles, Ohio.
Xcel: April 22-24 @ Bluffton College, in Bluffton, Ohio.

State Handbook Ads are due July 6th. The cost is $200 for black and white and $300 for color. Please email Gary at Gary@odgusa.com with your digital ad.

Checks should be made payable to: Ohio USA Gymnastics and sent to:
Olympic Dreams
4403 Logan Way
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Congratulations to ALL Ohio Athletes that participated in Level 9/10 Regional Championships. Ohio had a great showing!!!!! Check out the results below:
Ohio has 23 Level 9's on the Eastern Team, and 5 alternates
Ohio has 3 Level 9 Regional AA champions
Ohio has 21 Level 9 Individual Event Champions
Ohio has 11 Level 10's on the Dream Team for JO Nationals, and 3 alternates
Ohio has 3 Level 10 Regional AA champions
Ohio has 8 Level 10 Individual Event Champions
Ohio has 14 different clubs representing these athletes to Level 9 Easterns
Ohio has 9 different clubs representing these athletes to Level 10 JO Nationals
WAY TO GO TEAM OHIO!!!!! Can you say “O-H”?

Click here for level 2-5 State Meet Results!


Click here for Xcel Regional Invitational information >>

Individual Event Specialist Rules:

The Regional and National Staff have made a distinction between a specialist and an all-arounder competing only one, two, or three events (generally, but not always due to an injury).

A specialist must attain a qualifying score on the event(s) and declare specialist status before competing her first event at state. Specific qualifying scores are:

Level 7 & 8 to State: 8.0 minimum on qualifying event
Level 9 & 10 to State: 8.5 minimum on qualifying event
Level 9 & 10 to Regionals: 9.0 minimum on qualifying event

If a gymnast enters the championship as an all-arounder, she cannot compete as a specialist at regionals. A gymnast that registers for state in the all-around, but is unable to compete all four events at state, may touch out the remaining events and petition entry into regionals as an all-arounder only. This effectively eliminates the possibility of scratching the last event at state for the sole purpose of qualifying as a specialist at regionals.

Mobility requirement for a specialist is 8.5/event for all levels.

Ohio USA Gymnastics State Camps

  • Three great camps to meet your needs!
  • Develop Skills & Drills
  • Share Coaching Techniques & Ideas
  • Create Friendships for TEAM OHIO Gymnasts & Coaches

Full Information available here >>

Concussion Information:

In case you missed it last week, USA Gymnastics presented a webinar on concussions with special guest Dr. David Kruse last week that everyone could benefit from. Please take the time to watch anc share with your coaches at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5alQzBPRjo&feature=youtu.be

USA Gymnastics National Camp TOP Testing Skills Testing

Revised 11/28/2013| Effective for the 2014 TOP Season

Click here for TOPS National Testing Skills for 2014>>
(changes have been indicated in red)

Training Camp Registrations Open

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 08:12 AM PDT

New Training Camp Website has been launched.

2014 Region 5 Summer Camp Registrations have begun.

You can register today for:
Super Camp, Hi-Tech, NCAA Showcase
Other Camp Registrations will be open soon!

You can also complete your Coach or Judge Volunteer Forms.

Visit http://trainingcamps.region5.com for the most recent information and to complete your registrations.

When registering, please sign up for Training Camp Updates. This will ensure that you receive any updates made on the Camp Website. These would include host hotel information, schedules, staff lists and other helpful information as you plan your trip.

Level 3 Floor Music Clarification

Pro Members,
The re-mixed version of the Level 3 violin music is now available on iTunes for $0.99. Please be aware this re-mix is NOT required to purchase. It is the same song you received with your original purchase. The intensity of the violin note that occurs during the handstand bridge kick over has been reduced. You may continue to use the original version with no repercussions. iTunes has replaced the original version with the re-mixed version. It can be found on iTunes listed as Level 3 violin. Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion.
Thank you, USA Gymnastics

team ohio